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Anytime you mention the word, “politics,” you know you’re in for a charged and polarizing conversation but it’s crucial we talk more about politics and the policy that comes with it because it impacts every facet of our lives.

My guest today, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, joins me to talk about the key issues impacting culture and society today including a healthy approach to reaching across the aisle, why it’s important for conservatives to have a voice in what we typically view as liberal issues, not only the far left but the far right – something he calls, “woke conservatism,” the importance of humility and open-mindedness, and distinguishing between politics and policy.


  • Prioritizing in politics
  • The downside of rank contrarianism
  • Pursuing rational environmentalism
  • Red flag laws and gun control
  • Men’s tendency to gravitate toward negative information
  • Lack of critical thinking and humility in America
  • Negative consequences of playing around with politics
  • We don’t need another AOC
  • Victimhood is seen as an attribute in society

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