1180: How to Get Kids to Clean Up Without a Fight by Jen of This Time of Mine on Getting Kids to Like Cleaning


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Jen of This Time of Mine tells you how to get kids to clean up without a fight

Episode 1180: How to Get Kids to Clean Up Without a Fight by Jen of This Time of Mine on Getting Kids to Like Cleaning

Jen is a busy mom to four energetic kids and between taking care of them, running the household and trying to keep up with everything else she does and enjoys, she’s often found herself fantasizing about the moment she can finally sit down for the night. But through it all, she’s found that she’s happiest when she’s intentional in her approach. And even though it’s not always easy, she knows when she parents and lives her life on purpose, that’s when she can make the biggest difference for her children.

She founded This Time Of Mine to use as a platform to teach as many parents as will listen. She wants to meet you where you are and help you fall in love with parenting all over again.

Because she knows how hard it can be.

She also knows that when we learn to parent and live with intention, we can create more good times than bad. We can help our children WANT to do what’s right. And we can become the role model that walks along beside them.

The original post is located here: https://thistimeofmine.com/how-to-get-kids-to-clean-up-without-a-fight/

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