2192: [Part 2] How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast On Your Path to FIRE by Scott Rieckens


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Scott Rieckens of Playing With Fire talks about how to pay off your student loans quickly. This is part 2 of 2.

Episode 2192: [Part 2] How to Pay Off Student Loans Fast On Your Path to FIRE by Scott Rieckens

A successful entrepreneur living in Southern California, Scott Rieckens had built a “dream life”: a happy marriage, a two-year-old daughter, a membership to a boat club, and a BMW in the driveway. But underneath the surface, Scott was creatively stifled, depressed, and overworked trying to help pay for his family’s beach-town lifestyle. Then one day, Scott listened to a podcast interview that changed his life. Five months later, he had quit his job, convinced his family to leave their home, and cut their expenses in half. Follow Scott and his family as they devote everything to FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), a subculture obsessed with maximizing wealth and happiness. Filled with inspiring case studies and powerful advice, Playing with FIRE is one family’s journey to acquire the one thing money can’t buy: a simpler — and happier — life.

The original post is located here: https://www.playingwithfire.co/blog/how-to-pay-off-student-loans-fast-fire

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