Episode 14: I Ain’t Angry Because I Express Myself: I Am Not My Emotions


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Welcome back to Episode 14 of Open Door Conversations. Today’s topic is titled “I Ain’t Angry Because I Express Myself: I Am Not My Emotions.” In today’s episode we cover emotions, particularly the topic of how black women or other women of color are viewed in a negative light whenever there is an emotional expression to unpleasant experiences. Have you ever felt the weight of fighting against others' perception of you when you have shared how you felt about their behavior, the negative situation, or your unpleasant experience? What happens when you disagree with or simply have a difference of opinion? When you express normal discomfort or a healthy sense of disagreement are you often viewed as the “angry black woman?” Well in today’s episode we converse about some of our own experiences and hopefully provide validation of these experiences and make note that it is healthy to share your feelings and emotions. That this is not a sign that ‘you are the problem’ simply because you are not always “agreeable.” We talk about the challenge this biased view from others can have on your mental and emotional health and some healthy considerations in navigating these experiences in the workplace and in relationships. Thanks for listening, reach out with questions or comments. We hope this episode serves you well!

Highlights from the episode

  • How does this bias impact one's mental and emotional health?
  • What are some healthy considerations for you to make?
  • Why is it important for you to consider your health and well-being?
  • Ways you can care for yourself?

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*Disclaimer: While we may be recognized as mental health professionals, our topics are in no way a substitute for any listener obtaining the professional support of a mental health clinician in your local area. Please use this podcast and its content as a resource only.

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