OKlatober - Muskogee Castle - Muskogee, Oklahoma


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What’s big, scary, and has three wheels?

A monster riding a tricycle.

Today we are discussing the Halloween Festival at the Castle of Muskogee in Muskogee, OK.

The Castle of Muskogee covers 36,000 square feet with an accompanying Renaissance Village. The owner built the entire attraction from a warehouse and a field into a 60-acre playground. The Castle has a dungeon, a torture chamber, and catacombs, while the Village has three pirate ships, a mermaid cove, a faery boardwalk, a jousting arena, a working clock tower, and an Italian piazza.

Muskogee is a city on the Arkansas River and is home to the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, which traces local Native American history.

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