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Hello and welcome back!

In previous episodes, you might have heard us mention "house sitting." Well, in this episode, we discuss our introduction to house sitting, as well as some of the websites we like to use.

In the beginning of the episode, we cover some "housekeeping" items, such as our new website, Instagram page, and our new use of affiliate links which will be disclosed. We will also use non-affiliate links in the descriptions of our podcast alongside affiliate links, in case you don't trust affiliate links (we totally understand!).

Thank you all so much for listening and your continued support! We can't tell you how much it means to us.

Nathaniel and Darcy

Want to jump right into house sitting? Here are some links to our favorite websites!

Trusted House Sitters: Affiliate Link | Non-Affiliate Link

Nomador: Non-Affiliate Link

MindMyHouse: Non-Affiliate Link

House Sitters UK: Affiliate Link | Non-Affiliate Link

House Sitters America: Affiliate Link | Non-Affiliate Link

(These are not the best house sitting websites in the world, only the ones we like.)

Our website: Only A Bag

Instagram Page: Only_a_bag

Medium: Nathanielmellor

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