07. What Technology Do We Wish Existed?


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We talk a lot about technology on this show – how it’s used, why it’s used, and the impact it has across all different types and levels of sport. We know that enormous amounts of time and money are spent developing tech that helps us track and train athletes – but it’s certainly not perfect. So what’s missing? And what are the holy grail technologies that sports scientists can only dream of?

On this episode we’re joined by two of the most experienced sport scientists on the planet. We’ll discuss their own journeys in the tech side of sport, how it’s changed over the past few decades, and perhaps most importantly and interestingly of all, where technology can and should go next.
Our host, Professor Sam Robertson, is first joined by Dr David Martin. With over 35 years of experience and 110 scientific publications under his belt, David has held many leading roles in sports behemoths such as the Australian Institute of Sport and the Philadelphia 76ers. He is now the Chief Scientist for Apeiron Life and a Professor at Australian Catholic University.

Next up, Sam speaks with Dr Darren Burgess. Another major name in the field, Darren is the High Performance Manager at Melbourne Football Club, and previously held similar prominent positions at Arsenal FC, Port Adelaide FC, Football Federation Australia, and Liverpool FC.
Together, Sam, David and Darren discuss the mistakes we make in how we use the technology we already have, and where it will potentially take us in the coming decades.
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