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Thanks for joining me for the final episode of season 3 of One For The Road.

Today I am joined by Leanne Bayliss, sober blogger, scriptwriter, super mum, and proud Brummie.

After being adopted when she was younger, Leanne found herself on a series of uphill life struggles that in turn led to both an alcohol and drug addiction.

With little self-worth, by the time Leanne was in her twenties, she just wanted to end it all. After giving birth to her daughter Darcey, who was born with complex health needs, Leanne found her drinking increasing, to the point that her thoughts took her to a very dark place and she sat down and wrote a goodbye letter to her daughter

As friends around Leanne began noticing her mental health struggles, they intervened and so began the story of Leanne's recovery.

Leanne is an incredible and strong woman who has never given up in the face of adversity, and who has taken everything she has been through and turned it into a lesson to help others so that no one has to go through what she went through; she is starting conversations that people are dying in silence, and loudly banging the sobriety drum which she plans to make a whole lot louder.

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