Overcoming Perfectionism with Audrey Holst


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Have you ever felt like your life is out of control?
Do you feel like you’re never good enough? Like everything in your life is just one big mess that needs to be fixed? If so, Audrey Holst can help. She’s the founder of Fortitude & Flow® Process and she works with groups and individuals to overcome perfectionism. And now she has a new book coming out called You’re Not Perfect — And Here’s How to Deal With That. It will teach you how to stop trying so hard, let go of the pressure, and start living a happier life today.
This isn't about being perfect or getting it right all the time - it's about learning how not to beat yourself up when things don't work out as planned! In this interview, Audrey will share her story on overcoming perfectionism and what inspired her to write this book for people who are struggling with their own self-imposed expectations. Plus we'll talk about why letting go of these expectations can lead us towards greater happiness in our lives! So tune into this podcast interview where Audrey shares her story on overcoming perfectionism and learn more about what inspired her upcoming book!
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