Ramp2Champ Ep. 6 - 0-1 Fantasy Football + Early Trade Tips & Waiver Strategies


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Ramp2Champ Ep. 6 - 0-1 Fantasy Football + Early Trade Tips & Waiver Strategies

Week 1 of the NFL season has come and gone, and left your boy Odog and your girl Cait BOTH 0-1 in the Ramp2Champ Fantasy Football League! This has led to the podcast being named 0-1 Fantasy Football for the day, as there was a bet on the week one matchup. In this sixth episode of Ramp2Champ, a series by the One and O Fantasy Football Podcast, Owen and Cait chat about watching this crazy week of football, how their fantasy teams performed (hint, not great Bob), overreactions and correct reactions, early trade tips, and how to strategize your waiver wire pickups (especially for leagues where a FAAB is used!).

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In each opportunity you have, go 1-0 ~ Odog

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