Okay, Computer 9/28/22: BK’s Big Bang with BKCM’s Brian Kelly & A Conversation with Credit Suisse’s Chris McMillan and Trent Martensen


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Dan talks with Brian Kelly, Founder & CEO of BKCM, about the grim macro outlook for markets (3:09), how higher interest rates are impacting business decisions (7:08), why the Fed and other central banks may not be able to contain inflation (14:02), cryptocurrencies struggling to prove their use cases (22:27), if Bitcoin can still become an alternative investment against inflation (27:09), and how Brian is diversifying BCKM’s portfolio. Later, Dan sits down with Chris McMillan and Trent Martensen, Credit Suisse internet & web3 investment bankers, about creating lasting value within web3 despite the industry’s recent headwinds (39:38), their top takeaways from the crypto-focused Mainnet Conference (46:00), where they’re seeing promising use cases for crypto and web3 technology (49:13), the future of NFTs for creators (53:04), and ​​the impact of web3 industry layoffs and why it could benefit legacy tech companies (59:56).


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