49. Life Lessons From The Best In Hospitality


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We hope you are all enjoying Season 3 thus far and have had the chance to listen to our last few episode with Fulani Chef Fatmata Binta, Chris Jackson & Hélène Seillan of VÉRITÉ wines, and Rafael Shin of Agua Mágica Mezcal. All incredible creative entrepreneurs with valuable wisdom and insight from their personal journeys. This is the last week of March 2022 and our hope for you is the energy and enthusiasm you started the year off with is not only still present, but building momentum. Despite the world issues, conflict taking place in Europe and general easing back into life, coming out of the pandemic, our hope is you still feel optimistic on both a personal level and for your business as well. This is always the time of year for us where some of that initial excitement of the new year starts to wear off a bit. Maybe some of the stresses of work or personal life begin to weigh a little heavier or are more present. It’s during this time we like to remind ourselves of all the lessons we've learned, what we've accomplished and the incredible people we have in our life. That always puts things into perspective, builds confidence and puts us in a state or gratitude. Maybe this resonates with you, so we wanted to dedicate this episode to the life lessons our rockstar guests have shared on this show. At the end of every episode I ask our guests, to leave us with a life lesson, and here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

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