Tony Ruggiero shares a Simple Approach to Better Swing Path and Clubface Angle Relationships


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Tony Ruggiero is a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a PGA Tour Coach. He works with amateur and pro golfers alike and is sought out by many PGA TOUR players. He joins "On the Mark" to share insights and tips to understanding the Swing Path/Clubface Relationship and how you can improve yours for better and more reliable ball-striking. Tony addresses Body influence to match shot shapes and he contrasts Swing Planes. He also compares "Slingers", "Rotaters" and "Pullers" and what each swing version should do to strike the golf ball more consistently. He also illustrates "practice stations" and drills to tighten up fundamentals and galvanize swing paths and trajectory control.

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