Galvanize your Understanding of Data Parameters for Power and Control with Alex Trujillo


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Alex Trujillo is the Senior Sales Manager for FlightScope and is trusted by a number of PGA TOUR professionals, including Bubba Watson and Bryson DeChambeau for his Launch Monitor insights and expertise. He joins "On the Mark" to help you understand the data parameters applicable to more power off the tee, and control with the iron-game. He discusses Ball-striking quality, Gear Effect, Clubface Control, Relationships between Clubface Alignment and Swing Path for shot-shaping, and Swing Low Point and Angle of Attack. Alex also explains the value of understanding Spin Loft and Dynamic Loft to maximize the efficiency of your golf-swing and gain more distance off the tee. He also shows the similarities between hitting in baseball and hitting a golf ball using Pete Rose and Albert Pujols as athletic examples.

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