Ep. 69 Mom Marisa Humbracht on Holding Space and Giving Grace to Neurodivergent Kids Through Goal Setting and Family Values


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About This Episode: Mom Marisa is an inspiration. Her kids range in age from preschool to adulthood, including foster children and. The way that she shows her out-of-the-box children to love and value themselves just blew me away. You're going to want a notepad for this one, because she gives a TON of "start now" tips and strategies. Here are just some of the topics we discussed:
-When "good enough" is perfect
-How to open the lines of communication
-Sticking to a tight schedule
-Teaching kids how to protect their hearts
-Politeness, manners, and simple decency
You can find Marisa via email: Marisajanovsky@gmail.com
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