Ep. 67 Mom Laura Petix on Accepting Our Anxiety Around Our Kids' Big Emotions


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About This Episode: What a validating conversation I had with Laura, aka The OT Butterfly. She and I view parenting our neurodiverse kids in a similar light, and I truly loved hearing about her mindset shift around how to handle a meltdown. Here are just some of the things we discussed:
-Balancing motherhood and being a professional in the field of neurodiversity
-Meltdowns will happen - stopping the behavior is not the goal!
-Difference between tantrums and meltdowns
-Generational differences in emotional regulation
You can find Laura on IG @theotbutterfly. She's also launching a FREE masterclass called the Sensory Meltdown Masterclass for Parents - check it out at www.theotbutterfly.com/masterclass. Please shower Laura with love and support by SHARING this episode with your mom friends and groups!
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