Jo-Anne Liakakos, LPC: A licensed therapist weighs in on ES Programs


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This week I’m talking to Jo-Anne Liakakos, MA, LPC, NCC, CPCS of Major Counseling Solutions and Consulting in Alpharetta, GA. I wanted to interview Jo-Anne since she is a therapist and counselor who works with adolescents with substance use and general life issues, as well as adults with eating and personality disorders (and a bunch of other stuff). Jo-Anne and I discuss how we met and what it was like unpacking my involvement in enthusiastic sobriety programs. I ask Jo-Anne what a licensed (not certified, licensed) counselor needs as far as education and internships and supervision to actually work with clients one-on-one (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and what appropriate counseling and treatment look like for young people.

This is a great episode for parents who are looking to find help for a teenager or young adult, or who are curious about whether or not to keep their child in one of Bob Meehan’s programs.

You can find Jo-Anne by visiting her website here.

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