Episode #50: Gaining Perspective and Enjoying The Holidays With Intention


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Are you dreading the holidays?
I know sometimes we think, "oh I have to see that odd ball family member that has such weird views and if I have to listen to them again..."
Let's turn that on its head and get intentional about how we roll into the holidays.
This week on the On Fire Empire Podcast, we are getting personal. With the holidays coming up it is a good time to practice keeping ourselves open to new perspectives and becoming intentional in managing challenging situations. Just as we do in business we must adapt and understand how to pivot.
The majority of modern holidays were born from a religion or faith-based idiology, and there was INTENTION behind their creation.

  • The difference in feeling gratitude vs. showing/LIVING in gratitude.
  • How we can step back and listen and gain a new perspective before judging others and their point of view.
  • A new fresh perspective on the holidays and maybe a theme for you and your loved ones to follow this season.
  • How you can become intentional through practical application this holiday season.

You won’t want to miss this episode – We can't control every situation; we CAN control our reaction and perspective on them.
Happy listening,
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