S1E23: Mark Sullivan, Author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky


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We chat with Mark Sullivan, bestselling author of Beneath a Scarlet Sky. He’s also written numerous other novels including a series co-written with James Patterson. Mark shares with us the incredible manner in which the story of Pino Lella came into his life. We hear how his time spent with Pino had an immediate impact on his life. We also discuss how in many ways Pino Lella was a real life Forrest Gump in that he was at or near many of the major events in the closing years of World War II in Italy. And for the first time ever on the show, I answer the Rorschach Round questions for the author. In this show more than most, we go into the book and all the events surrounding it. So spoiler alert! And like usual, there’s all that and more!

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