S1E16: Jeff Olah, Author of The Last Outbreak series


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We chat with Jeff Olah, bestselling author of The Dead Years and also The Last Outbreak series. This is Jeff’s first podcast interview. You might say I was Jeff’s first time! (But you probably shouldn’t.) We discuss the perils of the writerly life (going batguano crazy is one) and what he does to stay healthy and sane. And he shares Jeff’s Top Shelf Protein Chocolate Shake recipe for folks (like me) that have never found a good one. He also tells us about his novella set in the Extinction Cycle world. He is even so kind as to share his first ever book cover that he designed himself (and that has long since been buried). He also gives us an exclusive look into his new series, The Next World, and how that relates to his existing stories. All that and more!

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