Smologies #8: HAGFISH with Tim Winegard


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Who doesn't love a floppy, slime-filled, hot dog shaped creature of the deep sea? On this Smologies (It's like if Ologies were more Smol) we return to our conversation with Tim Winegard, a professional hagfishologist (YES IT'S A WORD) at Chapman University, and he dishes on the world's slimiest treasures. You're gonna learn about things like why you don't always need a spine and how special ketchup is and, of course, lots and lots about mucus.

Also in case you didn't know, Smologies is indeed an abbreviated, de-filthed episode of Ologies for when you only have 20 minutes to learn something interesting about the thing your date said they're into in their profile you've got kids with you in the car who are definitely going to repeat the curse word they learned from their ol' GrandfatherWard all through fingerpainting class.

The uncut, adult version of Hagfishology plus research links

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