Raccoonology (PROCYONIDS) with A Gaze of Raccoonologists


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Here we go: SIX more raccoon experts, because one episode is not enough for the wonders of these terrific trash bandits. Revel in the raccoon love and hear about presidential pets, neuronal density, why raccoonologists walk out on the job, their fabled intelligence, how Aesop factors into raccoonology, and the comfort of the male gaze? Also, treat yourself and your timeline to an upgrade by following these wildlife experts:

Hannah J. Griebling, MSc on Twitter

Kelly E. Lane-deGraaf, PhD on Twitter

Jessica M. Andersen on Twitter

Lauren A. Stanton, Ph.D. on Twitter

Jessi Knudsen Castañeda on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Jennifer Colbourne on Twitter

Donations went to: Center for One Health, Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, and Animal Wonders

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