Ep. 3.42: A Different Kind of Foot Queen


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Season 3, Episode 42, week of November 20, 2022 — This week, TopToes and Ennie discuss the worldwide from the creators of Game of Thrones... Freaking the F out about Episode 9 of House of the Dragon. The internet is losing its mind, but does the House of the Dragon foot Scene live up to the hype? Does Queen Alicent Hightower even have pretty feet? We discuss all this and more, on this episode of the Oh Those Toes Podcast. Links and more on our website: http://ohthosetoes.com; Telegram users, join the conversation at https://t.me/FootFetishPod. #feet #foot #toes #footfetish #footfetishist #footfetishnation #footfetishcommunity

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