We Want Your (Non-Chain-Store) Gift Recommendations!


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It's almost gift-guide season and this time around we want to compile ideas for holiday gift-giving that rely as little as possible on places like Amazon, Walmart, and other chain stores. So, please tell us your favorite gifts to give (and receive!) that can be bought either from the company that makes them or from independent shops and sellers. Also fair game: easy-to-make DIY gifts, recipes, and items that would be widely available at local grocery stores (like Maldon sea salt for example). We will compile the recommendations we get, add our own, and put them all into an upcoming episode.

You can email us or send us a voice memo at OhILikeThatpod@gmail.com. You can also DM us your recommendations on Twitter or Instagram. Just let us know any info you want us to share about you—name, location, pronouns, etc. If you don’t specify we’ll keep it anonymous.

Thanks for listening and sharing your faves with us!

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