Mailbag Vol. 1: Friendship Questions


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A quick note from us: When we recorded this episode, Israel was five days into its violent offensive on Gaza. Since then Israel’s aggression has only escalated, killing as of this writing, more than 200 hundred Palestinians. Hamas rockets have killed about 10 Israelis. Please check out the resources below and join us in supporting human rights for Palestinians, an end to the occupation, and a free Palestine.

In this episode, we answer your questions about friendship. We talk about how to deal when you don’t like your friend’s partner, how and when to have courageous conversations, and dealing with unwanted vaccination advice from friends. We weren’t able to get to all of the awesome questions we got, so we will definitely be recording a second installment!

This episode was produced by Rachel and Sally and edited by Lucas Nguyen. Our logo was designed by Amber Seger (@rocketorca). Our theme music is by Tiny Music. MJ Brodie transcribed this episode. Follow us on Twitter @OhILikeThatPod.

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