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Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, has directed state agencies to treat gender-affirming care for trans kids as child abuse. This is part of a national, coordinated effort to systemically harm trans youth, deprive trans people of their rights, and make hard right ideologies the law of the land. Here are some resources to learn more and also to support trans youth, organizers, and advocates in Texas:

This week we’re bringing you an episode of one of our favorite podcasts, Gee Thanks, Just Bought It, hosted by our friend (and recent guest of OILT), Caroline Moss. You already know Caroline from episode 31 of OILT but now you’ll get to know her beyond her Real Housewives scholarship. In this episode, Caroline asks us about great gifts we’ve given this year and, as a result, we go deep talking about road safety and fake foods. Subscribe to Gee Thanks, Just Bought It and follow the show on Instagram!

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