Episode 4: Staying in and Getting Through It


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With COVID-19 transmission rates ramping up all over the country, we’re continuing to hunker down in our homes—and lots of folks are doing the same, or are returning to the stay-at-home lifestyle of the spring of 2020. Because no person can live on Netflix and Zoom get-togethers alone, we’re going to talk about creative ideas for making time at home feel just a bit more special. We’ll discuss throwing at-home pop-up events (Oktoberfest, beach day) and turning your space in the places in the world you especially miss, like coffee shops, bars, and movie theaters. We’ll also talk about an accessible way to get into coffee nerdery.

This episode was produced by Rachel and Sally and edited by Lucas Nguyen. Our logo was designed by Amber Seger (@rocketorca). Our theme music is by Tiny Music. MJ Brodie transcribed this episode. Follow us on Twitter @OhILikeThatPod.

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