What New York is doing to get people vaccinated


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As the delta variant continues to spread, Gov Andrew Cuomo is toughening his stance on vaccinations. NY1’s Zack Fink, Courtney Gross and Gloria Pazmino discuss his recent announcement regarding mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for many state employees. Meanwhile, here in the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio is offering a $100 incentive to convince New Yorkers to get the shot. They also dive into the controversial plan to rezone SoHo and NoHo, two of Manhattan’s most exclusive and iconic neighborhoods. Is the pushback really about affordable housing? Or is it about trying to preserve the character of an area that was once a bastion for struggling artists? We want to hear from you, especially what you think about the recent vaccine mandates here in the state: Twitter: #NY1OffTopic or @ZackFinkNews, @CourtneyGross and @GloriaPazmino Leave a message: 212-379-3440 Email: yourstoryny1@charter.com For more information: www.ny1.com/offtopic For more information on the new coronavirus, head to www.ny1.com/coronavirus

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