Grape Therapy: World’s Best Weed Wacker with Lo VonRumpf


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Kaitlyn’s Kardashian hair is clipped in, Lo’s trashy sangria recipe is in hand, and we’re ready for a BFF catchup with the dynamic duo that is Kaitlyn and Lo. Today, they’re chatting about everything from body hair preferences (#dolphinvibes) to Mickey Mouse (ever heard of him?) to the upcoming American royal wedding (Kaitlyn and Jason, duh). Lo catches Kaitlyn up on the status of his love life and his apartment, which is full of original designs because we just found out (as did Lo) that he is an artist extraordinaire. The two talk about some potential travel plans, because Kaitlyn accidentally won her first auction item and it’s the perfect excuse to take a spirital journey to Hawaii. Last but definitely not least, “Amanda” and Lo make a couple of calls because they’re in desperate need of a weed wacker and a pube trim!

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