Grape Therapy: Nikki Glaser Joins Our Naked Cry Circle


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TW: Eating Disorders, Mental Health, Pregnancy

The hilarious and talented Nikki Glaser joins Kaitlyn for a true grape therapy session in today’s episode, as they open up and get honest about their struggles with mental health, setting boundaries, and coping with depression. Nikki is formally invited to join Kaitlyn’s naked cry circle as the two discuss the importance of feeling your emotions and letting them pass through you, especially during certain parts of our cycle. Nikki, who we now think of as an honorary Kardashian as her new show took over their slot on E!, reveals why reality shows are like zoos, why her ex finally decided to be on TV, and why canoes are the perfect place for a heart-to-heart with your dad. Nikki and Kaitlyn also come up with a brilliant idea for your next wall calendar, divulge why KB canceled their last recording (no secrets here), and uncover the importance of handjobs. This is a deep therapy session you won’t want to miss. For more Nikki, catch her new show Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? on E!

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