Genie Bouchard: Tennis Matches & Twitter Love Matches


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On today’s episode, Kaitlyn is joined by the amazingly talented Canadian tennis star, Genie Bouchard. Genie discovered her passion for tennis at just nine years old and it has led her to so much success that even Justin Timberlake knows who she is. Super casual. But, Genie is way more than just a tennis star; she is also a woman of her word. And sometimes, that leads you to date a complete stranger all because of a viral Tweet, a story which naturally, Disney buys the movie rights to. Again, super casual. Anyway, Kaitlyn and Genie chat about everything from her pro tennis career to why Jack Harlow is hot IRL to the unique Met Gala fits that have us all talking. Speaking of the Met Gala, stay tuned at the end of this episode for a little surprise segment with the Vino’s favorite stylist and BFF, Lo VonRumpf!

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