Belief in the Inerrancy of Scripture: Does It Matter?


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“Fake news.” We live in a time that tends toward believing that truth is subjective, and that people can have “their truth” instead of asking, like Pilate, “What is truth?” Sadly, some Christians today seem to be comfortable with the false notion that the Bible is like any other book, and that it, too, contains errors. This is an alarming belief, because it asserts that some of the Bible is true, and some is not. Further, the notion that “There is truth, but we cannot know it” is driving people away from the concept of absolute truth, and that’s a dangerous place for Christians to be. Why? Because truth matters. God’s Word claims to be truth, in keeping with the character and omniscient nature of God. In an age of “fake news,” perhaps, we have simply gotten used to being lied to. However, the Bible stands alone without error. This essential doctrine is a cornerstone of the Christian faith. Inerrancy deserves high regard among evangelicals and has rightly earned the status of being essential to the Christian Faith. SHOW NOTES

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