OFI 1279: Eviction From The High School Leads To Great Success | FFA SAE Edition | Ayden Gartenlaub | Highland High School FFA


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Today's guest has experienced all aspect of the business cycle, and he did it all in high school! Ayden Gartenlaub was encouraged by his father to get involved in the agriculture program and FFA at Highland High School when he was a freshman. His father had grown up in agriculture and knew the benefits it would provide to Ayden. So, Ayden reluctantly joined, and the rest as they say is.....history.

Like so many other students Ayden found out that he needed a supervised agricultural experience, looked around his home and found a project. For Ayden it was chickens. His dad and sister had purchased 15 layers for their back yard, and he thought that is where he could satisfy this requirement. Soon, Ayden found himself selling eggs and his interest in the project began to blossom. Tune in for the rest of the story.

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