OFI 1269: Really Understanding Your Core Values And Living Rural | Tiffany Ursch | Wilderland LLC Glamping Cabins


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Tiffany and her husband, Matt, both grew up in a city environment, St. Louis, Missouri, and did not have exposure to rural living or agriculture. They were entrepreneurs, running an electrical contracting business for which Matt was the electrician, and they were busy! So busy in fact that work and hustle were all that they knew.

A simpler life was calling to them however. They started out just like so many people in the U.S. They had a 3,000 square foot home, even though it was just the two of them. While they were still there in the city they downsized to a home that was under 1,000 square feet. This seemed like a radical move to friends and family, but really, for two adults it was very appropriate.

This simple living had sparked something in both of them, and there was a mutual thought that someday they would move out somewhere rural, live much more simply and even forget what day of the week it was. Then, Tiffany was diagnosed with breast cancer. This opened up a whole new perspective. The thought that the opportunity to carry out your dreams may not be there tomorrow can be a strong motivator, and it was for Tiffany and Matt. So, they made this vision a reality in short order and Wilderland LLC Glamping Cabins was born!

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