OFI 1244: The Beginning Farming Journey Of A Young Couple From West Virginia | Re-Cap Episode


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In today's interview I get to connect with a listener of the show and talk about how he and his wife are making their farm dream come true. I will be speaking with Justin Farrish from West Virginia. Justin has a really interesting farm story. This farm was started by his great-grandfather in the first half of the 20th Century. West Virginia is rocky, mountainous and filled with trees, so there was lots of work to do. Justin talks about his great-grandfather digging out stumps by hand to clear land for grazing. It is really amazing.

Today Justin and his wife have been able to move their family to the farm and start putting it back into production. They had to start with remodeling the existing home and making it livable. After that it there is fencing and more clearing to do. They have done a lot of work already and have a lot ahead, but they want to carry this legacy forward and are prepared for this.

In the interview we talk about all the challenges that come with a multi-generational farm, including the pressures of keeping it in the family line. We also discuss what Justin does for his off-farm income, and the culture of the area that he and his wife have moved their family into.

Here are the show notes from Justin's first appearance on the show:

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