True Crime Haunting: Bobby Mackey's Music World (aka The Portal to Hell)


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You'll never hear a story quite as bizarre as that of Bobby Mackey's Music World, a haunted honky tonk in Wilder, Kentucky. It's true crime meets demonic possession! Within its walls is a long history of murder, mob activity and Satanic cults, all set to the tune of a steel guitar. Bring your vial of holy water to this one, guys!
Ghost Hunters, Season 1, Ep. 1, 2008, The Travel Channel

Exorcism of Carl Lawson, part 1:

Exorcism of Carl Lawson, part 2:

Exorcism of Carl Lawson, part 3:

Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s Music World, by Dan Smith

Terror at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, by Don Hensley

The Exorcism of Carl Lawson, by Don Hensley

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