Oclef Q&A: EP004 - Where can I buy a used piano?


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This is part of the collection of questions that I get so often. What's your advice on buying a piano?

It's a very heavy question and I'm interested in developing a series within Oclef Q&A to teach parents about what they need to know. Would you be interested in content that answers these questions for parents or yourself?

1. Should I buy an acoustic or electric piano?

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of new pianos versus used pianos?

3. When considering my budget, what are the price segments that I should consider and know?

4. What is the grey market for pianos and is it bad?

5. How much does a move, tune or regulation cost?

6. If I buy electric, what features would you feel are required?

7. How important is a pedal extension, adjustable bench, and seat pad?

8. Do dealers rip me off?

9. What brands do you recommend and what's your favorite?

10. How do I know if a used piano is a good one?

and many more questions like this...

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