Oclef Daily: EP78 - Tools of the Oclef Method: Priming, Narration, and Feedback


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This is an episode from our Oclef Method. It’s a series for parents wanting to help their children during practice. Find all the episodes for our methodology that teaches parents here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUqEmaLrf_Fs-Cvyk1HvOkA


As a parent, you can help your child with this so much.

Navigating a piece of piano music can be daunting.

Two staves, multiple pages, hands going in opposite directions and that’s just the notes.

As a parent who is sitting with your child, you have an opportunity to:

• Keep focused on practice

• Build proper habits

• Understand mistakes

• Improve faster

I could go on...(for a while).

But in this episode of the Oclef Method, you will get an introduction to three skills that you can develop to help your child practice piano.

Priming. Narration. Feedback.


Mentally preparing your child for what is coming in the piece of music in front of them.


Guiding their attention through the play through to focus on the challenges as they happen (counting, hand position changes, intervals).


Observing the patterns in their mistakes and telling them what to watch out for next time.

It’s really about helping them just enough to get them on the right path. With the right habits. And observing the right details.

It sounds like a lot to learn, but this is just the first step toward your child receiving seven lessons a week with you at their side. Independence is the goal.

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