Episode 112: Girls with aespa, Chung Ha, Monsta X, and Seventeen


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This week it's all about the "Girls" as the Queens review the latest from aespa. Listen as Emily and Charity review their second mini-album including the single "Girls," music video, album picks, choreography, styling, and biases.

Next, the Queens review "Bare & Rare Pt. 1," a new album from Chung Ha including the single "Sparkling," album picks, and more.

Then the Queens review new singles from Monsta X and Seventeen. Plus, Stray Kids 2 Kids Room with Bang Chan and Seungmin, K-pop news, Queendom shoutouts, poll results, a fun aespa quiz, and more!

Quiz - https://kprofiles.com/which-aespa-member-are-you/

Playlist - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2WcY4bJgVVy7zP7XOaQHII?si=1d9ef48279a84a93

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