509: The tastes, the scents, and the cocktails of pop culture


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This episode is for all the geek senses – tastes and smells, etc.
Michel Paves used her creativity during the pandemic to develop scent profiles for her favorite fandoms and characters, from Wolverine to Falkor the luck dragon. That evolved into Nerdwax Candles which can be found online and perhaps at a farmer's market near you. She talks with NW NERD about some candle projects in the works.
Also, NW NERD recently won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists for a version of a story he did on Friday Elliott with Friday Afternoon Tea. That story was first published on NW NERD. We're playing a segment from that story. Friday showed how she uses her unique form of synesthesia to develop flavor profiles by listening to NW NERD episodes and designing a tea flavor for the podcast.
Joining this episode to talk through it all is Egypt from the Comic Dads along with Nessa (Comic Mom). Both have bartending experience, so we're throwing some characters at these comic parents to see what drink they would serve them.
All that and a few special announcements.

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