Episode 29: ??????


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Are you also feeling so incredibly grumpy today, listener? Do you also hear that sound?
The voice of Martha is Daylin Chase. The voice of Tanner is Charles Raymond. The voice of Don Carlton is Carson Refuse. The voice of River is Achilles Friesen.
CW: Verbal conflict and passive-aggressive behaviour, brief depictions of violence, and profanity.
Sound effects by Freesound contributors cognate-perceptu, castironcarousel, bellick, unplugthefridge, sheyvan, kd-jack, m-delaparra, fthgurdy, joshuacouch, 14g-panska-kaminkova-a, scottstanderfer1, jakobhanderson, jamieorpen, tabook, khensom, robssp1derp1g, brunoboselli, mordinsolus, swiftoid, tomchikrec, drdufus, blondpanda, nox-sound, and lian3.

Nowhere, On Air is created, voiced and produced by Jess Syratt. Cover art by Moon Hermit Crab on Instagram.

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