268: How to Build Mind Body Knowledge for Intuitive Eating (Repost)


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I’m going to start this episode off with a rant of how bad diet culture is right now. I live in my non-diet bubble so much that sometimes I forget HOW BAD it is out there. I’m continuing to realize how prevalent diet culture is and how much we need to keep spreading our message. And I get that intuitive eating sounds like a different world. And that’s because it is. It’s about behavior change and self care actions instead of specific actions of weight loss. It’s a world that doesn’t exist in extremes and rules and that is HARD for us because that’s what we expect these days of diets. But it wasn’t always this way. We once had a world where we didn’t view foods as something to feel guilty about or induce shame. Once upon a time, mind body knowledge around food WAS the norm because we didn’t have an internalized diet mentality impacting it. And today I want to dig into the mind body knowledge part of intuitive eating as I know this can be one of the harder parts to figure out. But the Mind body knowledge is one of my favorite parts of intuitive eating. It opens the door to so much with your eating, and just how you live your life.

So what exactly is the mind body connection? The mind body connection in its most basic definition is that your mind and body are connected, and affected by each other. Our mental state can affect how we hold tension in the body, the trauma response of the body and the pain our bodies experience.

And at the same time, our body can communicate to our minds its needs like when we are feeling anxious (think palms sweating or tightness in the throat), when we need to pee, when we are hungry, when we need to sleep or when we feel happy.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ways to build mind body knowledge

  • What you can use the mind body knowledge for with eating and in life

  • How this pertains to the IE principle, discover the satisfaction factor

  • How satisfaction and pleasure with food is enhanced with mind body knowledge

  • Allowing for pleasure in all areas of your life, how this leads to purpose

  • Reflective questions to leave off this episode asking yourself

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