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This episode contains spoilers for the movie we are discussing! Also Luke's audio is weird for some of the episode. I think I messed up the settings during the edit. Sorry, folks! Enjoy it anyway.

Here we go. We're wrapping up a film series with Annabelle Comes Home and we're delighted to be joined by the Warren's in this one! Will they take the crown for worst parent's in a movie? Will Billie make a lot of references for future movies in the imagined extended universe of these films? Will they go on tangents about stuff that isn't the movie?
You know the answer is yes but you should still listen to the show.

00:00:23 - Introduction

00:11:56 - Trailer

00:12:54 - Movie Discussion

01:14:29 - Scariest Part/Ratings

01:20:35- Something to Cheer


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