NBA retires Bill Russell's jersey number: was this the right move?; Walmart takes over the Denver Broncos; I fell for an Antonio Brown meme (Episode 639)


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Today’s word of the day is ‘6’ as in the number 6 as in jersey number 6 as in Bill Russell as in the NBA has announced that Russell’s jersey will be retired by the league. Why? Now don’t go grabbing the pitchforks. Let me explain. 19 players in the league currently where that jersey number. 13 years ago the NBA named the Finals MVP after him. Why do we wait to honor people? Russell was honored once before, but why couldn’t this happen when he was here? (13:45) What’s going on with the Denver Broncos? Rob Walton and his $60B has bought the team, been approved, and now he’s here to be different. Or is he? (22:55) Review: Trainwreck - Woodstock 99. (29:35) What’s the latest on Kyrie Irving? Probably nothing great! (34:00) Antonio Brown made a post on twitter. Everyone thought it was real (ME) and it turns out it was fake. I got got. (37:55) NPPOD.

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