Yoga Without The Fucks: Yoga and It's Vital Role in Military Human Performance


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Yoga Without The Fucks: Yoga and It's Vital Role in Human Performance with MSG Luis Murillo
Join Doc's Sarah & Alyse and our special Guest MSG Luis Murillo for a laid-back conversation about yoga and it's value/importance in the human performance setting (with a focus on active-duty military).
In this episode we=chat about:

  • How an AF grunt can (and did) find their way to yoga.
  • Is yoga peace of mind? Or a workout?
  • How to get yoga teacher certified as an active-duty member.
  • How yoga truly improves your functional mobility though plane exposure.
  • Yoga for recovery.
  • Yoga for athletes.
  • How it is the human performance teams role to expose yoag to their unit.

Luis is a 19 year active duty combat veteran, certified yoga instructor and meditation facilitator. He found yoga during one of his deployments to Iraq. His mission is to share the physical and mental benefits of yoga to all non-yogis. You can hear how yoga can be applied to everyday life and try weekly meditations by listening to his podcast "The Ordinary Yogi"..."'
Talk to you laterrrrrrrr :)

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