Whack-a-mole: Psychosomatic Pain and How Stress Manifests in The Body


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Whack-a-mole: Psychosomatic Pain and How Stress Manifests in The Body
Join Doc's Sarah & Alyse for a laid-back conversation about how stress can physically manifest in the body and how that relates to psychosomatic pain. Have ever noticed that your back hurts more *inconveniently* at the same time your life is falling apart ? Or that your neck is killing you when you are super super stressed? It's not a coincidence!
AND YES, this is 100% seen at the high performance/tactical/elite athlete level too!
In this episode we cover:

  • What psychosomatic pain is.
  • Why the body chooses where it does to manifest pain.
  • The "HALT" theory.
  • Different levels of manifestation.
  • How chronic pain and psychosomatic pain are "cousins".
  • The physiological effect chronic pain has on the body.
  • And our newest innovation: Stuffer Champagne

Come listen, hang out with us, and catch this week's "That's what she said" moment. It's really good.

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