Tournament of Villains Finals, Dumbo, H&R Croc


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The NYMG Tournament of Disney Villains has nearly crowned it's Baddest of All-Time, as we've reach our final two: Maleficent vs. Scar. It's bitter sorceress vs. fratricidal lion for all the marbles. Our expert panel will break it down, including analysis from our own "Sir Charles" (who may or may not be four years old). To vote in the finals, visit:

Also on this episode:
* Take flight with Dumbo to learn about the placebo effect
* The Count takes over as host of American Top 40
* Iron Chef is back, including new Iron Chef Canned Goods, Chef Boyardee
* Movie Before and After: Batman and Robin Hood
* EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about The Muffin Man (a fairly short segment)

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