The Untold Perspective: Writer Lynn Rogoff Discusses Bird Woman, Her Audio Drama Creation On Sacajawea (S4, E16)


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In the episode, "The Untold Perspective: Writer Lynn Rogoff Discusses Bird Woman, Her Audio Drama Creation On Sacajawea (S4, E16)," Lynn joins the show to share her latest project. Lynn Rogoff works as a writer, director, producer, and an Adjunct Professor at the NY Institute of Technology. She is currently producing a shape-shifting Bird Woman®, audio drama multi-episode series based on the Lewis and Clark Native American guide, Sacajawea. Bird Woman®, a magical realism drama, discovers her supernatural shape-shifting powers as part woman and part eagle fighting alongside the expeditioners. In 2019, Rogoff's company wrote and produced Bird Woman, with the intent of telling the story left untold to many who had accepted the white man’s narrative as true—that Sacajawea died of a sickness at 22. But the Shoshone people recorded her dying at 96 in 1884, living through the smallpox epidemic, where most of her tribe died. With the podcast, Bird Woman, Lynn sets out to tell the Shoshone story and asks: Which version do you believe?
Listen while Lynn shares about the development of the series and its unique production during lockdown in 2020, as they each recorded the audio-drama remotely in different locations around the world. Lynn also discusses how she became inspired to work on Bird Woman and what led her through her research in creating the story. Lynn also speaks about her entry into game design, sharing her Pony Express Rider Game and her latest game creation, Endanger, which is a series involving saving endangered animals and capturing the poachers. Lynn Rogoff’s work spans history, social causes, and culture, and she makes a concerted effort to infuse human values into the entertainment market.
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