Recovery from Schizophrenia with Tracey Higgins, Author of The Girl On the Bridge (S4, E13)


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In the episode, "Recovery from Schizophrenia with Tracey Higgins, Author of 'The Girl On the Bridge' (S4, E13)," Tracey shares her personal story of healing without psych meds from her bout with schizophrenia. Her story offers hope to those who suffer from the most troubling form of madness for both patients and psychiatrists, one that is often treated with disrespect and disdain. Psychiatry believes there is no recovery for schizophrenics or bipolars, but Tracey's road to recovery proves this is a false narrative. By looking through a trauma lens, schizophrenia can be witnessed in its early onset of the acute phase, as a state of terror, which makes people suffer a loss of identity and disintegration of the self.

Tracey assures there is meaning in the world of voices and hallucinations. They provide markers to help people analyze their trauma, offering clues to unpack, which can help set a new path. The stories of schizophrenics and bipolars largely go unheard, as psychiatrists don’t listen to the language a patient may use to find meaning in his delusions. Tracey's unique story gives people hope and inspires courage in one's own ability to heal. Full recovery is possible from schizophrenia, Tracey asserts, and medication does not need to be part of the treatment.

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