#16 Narrative of a Naturalist: The Journal of John Kirk Townsend Pt 3 of 3


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Part three of a three part series dedicated to the naturalist and explorer, John Kirk Townsend. In 1839, Townsend published his journal as a book entitled "A Narrative of a Journey Across the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River". The journal recounts the then 24 year old's trip from Missouri to the mouth of the Columbia River in 1834, with fellow naturalist and professor Thomas Nuttall.

This narration is slightly abridged by the narrator and is based on an old printing where some excerpts of the original journal were omitted. For a complete version of Townsend's book, go to this link:


For free e-book versions go to www.gutenberg.org here: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/45238

W. Lindquist's paper :Stealing from the Dead:Scientists, Settlers, and Indian Burial Sites in Early-Nineteenth-Century Oregon

link: https://www.ohs.org/research-and-library/oregon-historical-quarterly/upload/04_Lindquist_Stealing-from-the-Dead_OHQ-115_revised.pdf

An ethnohistorical review relating to Fort Vancouver


To learn more about early 19th century Phrenologists, their role in racist policies, and Samuel Morton's Crania Americana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMVzPCOut1w

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